Assam Agricultural University Students deadbody found in Kamakhya Express Bathroom in Simaluguri.

Simaluguri, July 10: In a shocking incident, the dead body of a young girl was recovered under mysterious circumstances at Simaluguri Railway Junction under Sivasagar district on Tuesday.


The dead body was recovered from the toilet of the Kamakhya Express when the train had stopped at Simaluguri Railway Junction for some minutes.


According to reports, injury marks on the dead body is clear and it has also been suspected that she might have been raped before her throats were slit and killed.


What is more shocking is the fact that the girl who was studying at Assam Agricultural University had boarded the train around 8 am at Sivasagar Railway Station and it had been only 15-20 minutes before she was found dead. Her mother had apparently seen her off at the Sivasagar Railway Station and the unfortunate girl was on her way to Golaghat.


It has also come to light that the girl had Rs 10 thousand in her possession and the money is now missing. Whether it is a planned murder or it is a random dacoity incident, is still not clear.


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