INTERVIEW OF SANNGITA BORA- Member of CBFC India. Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

There are very few people in the world who are lucky enough to be able to turn their dreams into reality. One of such personalities is Assam’s very desirable Sanngita Bora, the youngest member of Indian Censor Board and Advisory Panel since 2016. Born and brought up in Guwahati, Sanngita at a very early age started fostering her dream of becoming a well known film director some day. This dream of Sanngita one fine day landed her into the famous Zee Institute of Media Arts in Mumbai. She enrolled herself there for a film making course . Ever since time seems to have been favouring her staggeringly as without even properly realizing when and how, this very course in ZIMA led Sanngita towards a whole new exicing world.She became a new quest for many famous directors. She has been able to achive numerous accolades for her commendable work in film making so far. After gaining vast popularity in theatres and working as an assistant director for a number of popular shows, she has recently singed her debut Assamese film “Priydarshini” and an Assamsese mega serial with one of the veteran directors Sadananda Gogoi.

Sanngita’s list of achievements donot end here. Apart from being a tremendous cook Sanngita is known for her supernal belly dancing too. While asked about her love for Assam, she shared that she loved Assam more than anything else. She also expressed her love and regards for her parents through Guwahati Times.

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  1. A true inspiration and a story which tells you that hard work n dedication towards your work pays off well in the end …!!!you shall touch the sky of success with flying colours…!!!all the best n love n luck will be always on your way from my side .!!
    Dr swapnil

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